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Ciera Rose Watercolor

Custom Family Portrait with Jesus

Custom Family Portrait with Jesus

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Hand painted watercolor and ink portrait in this faceless portrait style. 

How it works:

  1. Purchase the listing here
  2. Within 24 hours I will start an email/instagram conversation to obtain details/photos needed. I'll need a photo or a couple photos to work off of, one of which that shows your full body. It can be in the pose that you'd like drawn or I can come up with the pose. I'll also need to know if you want items like family name, verse, flowers, date etc.

Depending on the time of year, once all information has been provided turnaround time is usually about 1-2 weeks (plus shipping), please plan accordingly. Rush orders can be made at an additional cost.

©CieraRoseLLC. All rights reserved.Ciera Rose's artwork is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, and is the sole copyright of CieraRoseLLC. Files are not to be copied, distributed, altered or used for commercial purposes.

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Please message me if you have any questions.Thank you!

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